Share This Moment

You can actually do something with that nice thought


Simple Action to Share a Special Moment


Everyday moments inspire thoughts about someone special


Express thoughts about someone through a simple action


Release your thoughts and see them fly off as a dove


Person you are thinking of receives your thoughts as a sound and gesture



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Inspires Thoughts about Someone

As you move through the world you experience moments which evoke thoughts about someone. A cool car Dad would like. A cheesecake like grandma makes. A movie trailer a friend is sure to comment on.

OQTA allows you to immediately share this moment with that person.

Tap and Release

OQTA provides a simple means to immediately share this moment. Just tap the OQTA app.

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dual phone

Share This Moment

When you share your thought though the OQTA app, you are immediately connected to your friends and family. You can see this as a dove carrying your thought.

Activate an IoT Device

Your shared thought signified by the dove activates an IoT device which expresses it as a pleasant sound and gesture. Your recipient will know that you are thinking of them.

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Dove Clock

The Dove Clock is the IoT device which gives final expression to a thought sent through OQTA.

The Dove Clock is an analog device. Sound is produced by Japanese rice paper bellows, and movement is mechanical. This allows for a richer sound and experience by the recipient.

The Dove Clock was designed by industrial designer Hideo Kanbara, whose work can be seen at MoMA.

Currently the Dove Clock is only available in Japan but users outside Japan can activate the device which is installed in a serene setting in Japan. This way users in the USA can experience the feeling of using OQTA.

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Omoiyari (Thoughtfulness)

Appropriate to its Japanese origin, OQTA embodies the custom Omoiyari, to think of others with caring, compassion, and sincere consideration. Omoiyari is the little act of kindness which makes life better for everyone.

With OQTA, when you have a nice experience which makes you think of someone, you can share that thought with them. This makes you feel nice and makes them feel special. That’s Omoiyari.


Tap and share a special moment

Download the OQTA app to begin sharing your good thoughts today!